4 Ways to Mindfully Enjoy Your Collagen and Protein Shakes

With the crazy, stressful holidays combined with increased access to mass amounts of food and not always healthy options; I wanted to take a few moments to offer some quick, inconspicuous ways to sneak in some “informal” mindful moments into your body fueling routines…..even for those who don’t want to contemplate your favorite chow hall moments,  like that rat the size of a fucking cat going after your prized MRE with your favorite desert.

Here are four simple suggestion to consider to help you discern between mindless and (more) mindful eating and help synch that kickass brainpower of yours back together with all that work you have been putting into your body.


1. Know your body’s personal hunger signals

Are you responding to an emotional want or your body’s actual need for something? Tune into your body first and discover more wisdom about what might be behind this signal. True mindful eating is actively listening deeply to our body’s signals for hunger. Ask yourself: What are your body’s hunger signals, and what are your emotional hunger triggers?


2. Understand your motivations

Are you about to eat something that is emotionally comforting or nutritionally healthy? What are you asking your food to do for you? Fuel your next workout or satisfy that damn donut craving because your coach told you no? Practice incorporating eating healthier and a greater variety of foods into your routines. When we do, we are less likely to binge on our comfort foods, and more inclined to enjoy healthy foods; ultimately finding many foods mentally and physically satisfying as opposed to just a few.


3. Cultivate a mindful eating routine

Stop the wandering around the kitchen, looking through cabinets, eating in random places and times. Slow down, sit down and get to work on developing healthy cues about what and how much to eat. Boost your mind and body’s heath, mood, and sleep schedule by eating at consistent times and places.


4. Attend to your plate

We all know that person who leaves their weight plates everywhere, using multiple machines, failing to re-rack them. Do not be that person with your food plate! Multitasking and eating is a recipe for not being able to tune the heck into what your body needs and wants.  Bring all your sense to the meal (prep, cook, serve, eat), and appreciate your damn food before you scarf in down between breaths.  With your next meal, try single-tasking and just eating, with no screens or distractions. Got company or a swolemate? Try tunning into enjoying the meal and conversation with your comrades. Extra bonus-silently express your gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy some fucking delicious food!


It is important to be flexible, especially at special occasions. Bring awareness and consideration to the fact that you might be changing your eating habits at different times of the year or for different occasions.



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