Six Immune Boosting Thought Provoking Ideas You Should Read.

Six Immune Boosting Thought Provoking Ideas You Should Read.

Did you know your lifestyle will prove how well your immune system will protect you from germs, viruses, and chronic illness.

It’s true….you spend countless hours, days, months and years trying to replace bad habits with good ones. Sometimes successful but often not. Well, you have our support, and we can tell you it’s not that difficult. We’ll also tell you that if you do replace old bad habits with new good ones, you’ll start boosting your immune system and keeping it happy and healthy. We’ll make a list below that you can check to see if you could use some improvements.

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

You are more likely to catch a cold or other infection when you don’t get enough sleep. Studies suggest that you should be getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep to keep your immune system rocking and protecting you from colds and infection. If you’re having a difficult time getting to sleep, we recommend using GBNT Sleep.

A scientifically designed and proven formula that our Special Forces Soldiers even enjoy using. It’s even in the name. GBNT which stands for Green Beret Nap Time. Sleep is important and we want to make sure you are getting enough. Not getting enough sleep will lead to higher levels of stress hormones and inflammation in your body. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” So get your sleep!

2. Exercise Exercise Exercise!

This one’s a no brainer. We all know that getting enough exercise helps keep you feeling good and looking good. Try to get 30 Minutes of Exercise daily four to five times a week. Never go more than three days without doing some sort of exercise. I guarantee it will increase your feel-good hormones and you’ll get to the point where you crave it! It’ll also help with your sleep.

3. You eat like $hit.

So currently I’m sitting here feeling bloated and full of gas because I just spent two days eating Christmas cookies and all the foods that go along with it. Am I mad at myself? No, I did all for the cookie. But check it out……It is now time to get back on track and start eating clean. Too many carbs and sugar will curb the immune system cells that attack bacteria. It can last a few hours to days if not corrected. Eat more fruits and Veggies. Get enough Vitamin C, E, beta carotene and zinc.

All of these can be found in Alpha Immune by Alpha Elite Performance. A product we partnered with a Dr. on to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals needed to help boos that immune system.

You can also add other food such as garlic and chicken noodle soup. Chicken Noodle soup makes you feel better when you have a cold and it’s good for the soul. Stay away from Alcohol and sugars for a month and tell me how great you feel.

4. Stress is an Immune Killer

If you don’t have any stress in your life, you must not be married or have kids and your boss is amazing. We all have some stress and stress is an immune killer. If it goes on for a while it can do even more damage than just decrease your immune system. You’ll be vulnerable to sickness to more serious diseases to heart attacks.

When you stay stressed, your body is exposed to constant stream of stress hormones that destroy the immune system. Learn how to manage it and get more sleep. Something both GBNT Sleep and Alpha Immune will be able to help you with. I’m telling you; sleep is healing and both Alpha Elite Performance products mentioned will help you feel better and get enough sleep. If nothing seems to work, I suggest counseling.

5. Single, alone or isolated?

The saying is there is someone for everyone. If your alone and single yet ready to mingle than get out there and meet someone. Relationships and friendships are great for you’re sanity and studies have proven that you’ll have a stronger immunity as well.

One study suggested that lonely college freshmen had weaker immune response to the flu vaccine than those that were connected to someone. The bigger question is, Why in the hell are you alone as a freshmen in college? Get out of your dorm room or barracks for you single soldiers and meet people. This will also help reduce stress.

6. Are you funny? Cause we are.

Laughing and being happy is not only good for your soul and popularity it also depletes levels of stress hormones in your body and helps boost white blood cells that fight infection. So start telling yourself funny jokes or hangout with funny friends. Or just laugh at the grammar in this article because I am no grammar expert.
Anticipating a funny event or just a FUN event can have a positive effect on your immune system.

When you know you have a fun event coming up, or an exciting date your stress hormones will drop. But make sure it’s an exciting date. If you’re dreading it than grab your sack and cancel it. So inclosing, get enough sleep.

Use GBNT Sleep by Alpha Elite Performance

Also, boost your immune system with Alpha Immune. We’ve partnered with Dr. Katarina Lindley out of Dallas Texas to bring you an amazing Immune boosting product that works. Keep that immune system boosted folks. Your life depends on it.


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