Velcro Leather Patch


These bad ass AEP Leather patches are hand made by an active duty Green Beret so you know they’re quality. Quality over quantity!!! They’ll scream that your garment bag, kit bag, gun bag, hat or hoodie is owned by an Alpha!

Velcro Shield Patch
Velcro Shield Patch
Velcro Long Logo Patch
Velcro Long Logo Patch


High Quality Velcro Leather Patches


Our Velcro Leather Patch are a great way to show off your support and belonging to a company that has designed a business for you and your fitness goals. Either civilian or military.

Our durable long-lasting Velcro Patches easily attach to the most worn out hook and pile tape…(Velcro) on the most used tactical vests or uniforms. Show some love and support and we’ll do the same. Send us a picture to post on our social media.

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Velcro Shield Patch, Velcro Long Logo Patch


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