Mini Loop Exercise Bands


These resistance bands are great for mobility, rehabilitation, activation, and strengthening. Take with you anywhere to increase the intensity of a workout without weights. Comes with a carrying pouch for convenient portability.

  • 50cm×50mm×0.4mm Yellow 5-10lbs
  • 50cm×50mm×0.5mm Green 10-15lbs
  • 50cm×50mm×0.7mm Blue 15-20lbs
  • 50cm×50mm×0.9mm Red 20-30lbs
  • 50cm×50mm×1.1mm Black 25-40lbs

Pack of 5 (Mix Colors)

WARNING: These bands are made from Latex, Do Not Use if you suffer from a Latex allergy


Mix Colors
Mix Colors



Regular use during hip and glute activation warm-ups or in intense workout routines will help you accomplish your fitness goals. Increasing your mobility, muscle stamina and strength. Our Booty Bands also help prevent and recover from injury, so ditch your rubber loop bands, upgrade your equipment and lift your game.



If you want to run faster, jump higher, move quicker and lift more? Your training needs to be frequent and consistent with the use of our Mini Loop Exercise Bands. They are going to be your secret workout weapon. You won’t find a better workout partner that will help you maintain your training routine at home, in the gym or when you’re traveling.



Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Pack of 5

Mix Colors


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