Heavy Duty Booty Bands


Our Heavy Duty Booty Bands can be used for hip and glute activation and strengthening as well as dynamic warm up. Just put the Hip Circle around your knees and go for a long stride walk. You will not only get your hips and glutes warmed up, but your entire body. Hip Circles work great for such exercises as:

  • Hip/Booty Band Squats
  • Glute Bridge / Hip Thrusts / Leg Press
  • Walking Side/Forward Step
  • Thighs and Quad Workout
  • Cross Fit & Yoga
  • Beach Body workouts

Our Booty Bands are engineered with a comfortable blend and built in grip material that you won’t have “roll up” or “snap” problems during exercise. They are made of the highest quality cotton polyester elastic fabric materials, which is sturdy and environmentally friendly.


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Our Heavy Duty Booty Bands, the Master of Muscle Hip Resistance bands are made of elasticated fabric with an advanced slip-resistant inner layer, that will grip comfortably during the most intense workout. Unlike rubber bands, they will won’t slip, roll or pinch your skin or rip your leg hair. They’re unbeatable, so you can be too!



Regular use during hip and glute activation warm-ups or in intense workout routines will help you accomplish your fitness goals. Increasing your mobility, muscle stamina and strength. Our Booty Bands also help prevent and recover from injury, so ditch your rubber loop bands, upgrade your equipment and lift your game.



If you want to run faster, jump higher, move quicker and lift more? Your training needs to be frequent and consistent with the use of our Heavy Duty Booty Bands. They are going to be your secret workout weapon. You won’t find a better workout partner that will help you maintain your training routine at home, in the gym or when you’re traveling.



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Weight .25 lbs
Booty Band

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6 reviews for Heavy Duty Booty Bands

  1. Heidi G.

    Heavy Duty Hip Circles bands are awesome! I am so sore after just one workout. You can’t beat the price, especially for two bands, and for the exceptional quality of material. The wide band and grippy inner material keeps the band from slipping or digging into your skin. I definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to add a little extra something to their workouts. Ladies, these hip bands are a MUST for growing your booty!

  2. Stacie C.

    Great quality product. I’ve been trying multiple bands from different manufacturers. I’ve finally found the best product after testing more than 4 different companies. I love Heavy Duty Hip Circles because of grippy material inside of the bands. It makes it less likely for the band to slide around. Great product! Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you AEP!

  3. Deanna H.

    This is my first time using any resistant hip band and I must say it does what it’s supposed to do. I use these before heavy squats to get warmed up and I can really feel the activation of the hips, quads, glutes and hamstrings. It really feels good for my hips especially. This is a good product that helps me warm up faster.

  4. Susy O. Wilson

    I have been doing my workout from home since quarantine started and it was one of the things I bought to help with and it’s working very well. I am using for a couple weeks and it’s is very resistant and easy to stretch with your legs according to the level indicated. The material does not let the band slip and that is very helpful to keep the frequency of the exercises without interruptions.

  5. Kayla A.

    I like the Heavy Duty Hip Circles because the fabric is not too thick that it limits the stretch when I squat rather it gives me a good uniform stretch. They are super comfortable and easy to put on as well I 100% recommend.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Sarah J.

    Awesome Quality!

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