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    Veterans Fitness Stack


    Veterans Fitness Stack

    5.00 out of 5

    Take advantage of every minute – before and after your workout – to push harder and recover faster using the quality ingredients in our Veteran’s Fitness Stack. Dial in your focus, finish strong, minimize exercise-induced muscle soreness, and rev up your results! 

    • Helps Build a Healthy, Fit, Lean Body
    • Improved Training Recovery
    • Lean Muscle Development
    • Enhance Metabolic Rate
    • Improved Body Composition
    • Great-tasting Meal Replacement to Fuel a Healthy Metabolism


    Stack Contains:

    • Alpha Pro (Protein)
    • M.P.E.R.C (Strength & Recovery)
    • Pipe Hitter (Pre-workout)
    • Alpha Elite (T-Shirt)


    $243.95 $231.75