Gains & Cutting

The Gains & Cutting Stack is ideal for those looking to get lean and those coveted well-defined muscle gains.  Its main target is to maximize your body’s fat-burning abilities while also providing the support needed to maintain your gains.

Working on gains and getting after more strength reminds me of the Latin phrase-

Ad Astra per Aspera….”Through struggles to the stars”. Why is that, because let’s face it, you’re going to have to dig deeper and push yourself fucking harder to get those coveted gains.  So, buckle up, because you are going to pass through some rocky times trying to reach the outer limits of what you want (or the stars).

Rocky times and obstacles? No, it is not a ploy to get you to try out a Spartan Race.  Whenever an obstacle seems to rise that’s blocking your process or path, before you push it aside or try to blow it up or right past it; consider the fact that it has an essential function.  It will force you to generate more- either more strength, energy, patience, or faith.  Contextually speaking, it means your success will require overcoming some damn obstacles.

On a physical level- if you want a stronger body, what do you do? You pick up some fucking weights, increase your training, push yourself more, stack up on your AEP supplements and get after it. In essence, for a while you are making life difficult for your body.  You are not in your comfort zone anymore, so life becomes difficult for the body.  Then, there is a demand for more strength.  Same can apply to life. When it becomes difficult, there will be a demand for more of something within you, and often the opportunity to let go of something as well.   One practice that brings us closer to strengthening our inner stability is letting go.

‘Holding on’, and ‘letting go’ occurs in both the physical, muscular sense and in an emotional sense. Physically, we do it all the time, often without regard to it.  The weights, groceries, suitcases get to heavy, what do we do? We put them down and let go.  The breath can remind us of this because every time we take a breath in, we must let it go.  If we do not, there is no room for the next breath. Nature showcases this strength as well, especially in the Fall as the trees shed their leaves. For most of us, it is a beautiful, welcomed signal of cooler weather, until you must clean it all up, but hey make it into extra cardio.  The reason behind it? It’s an active process to conserve resources and energy, while also protecting the tree from being blown over in the harsher, windier winter conditions…..hello masters of “letting that $h!t go”….cutting and gaining!

Here are three different ways to work on letting go in the emotional sense

1. Let go of busyness

This is the one we are all in search of. Everyone I meet seems to feel stretched with the information overload, the list of never-ending tasks, the musts, and theshoulding everywhere talks. Sometimes the best way to have more—time, connection, and freedom—is to commit to less. How can you simplify your life, so you have time for what really matters? What is the first thing you can let go of today?


2. Let go of holding your breath

Sometimes when we are stressed, anxious, angry, or other, we might find ourselves (sometimes unknowingly) holding our breath. Try this breathing technique from Dr. Andrew Weil, for a few rounds.  4-7-8 …..inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of 7 & exhale for a count of 8.

3. Do something that scares the shit of you

Fear holds us back from doing a lot of things because it closes our minds to possibilities for our future and locks us into our comfort zone. The more you do to get out of your comfort zone, the more fear will subside; Your comfort zone is your enemy. Find ways to get uncomfortable, this is where we grow.

Elite Minute Extra Bonus

Flex those meditation muscles and try some guided, gentle, short meditations! Friendly reminder, meditation is all about letting things go: your thoughts, stress, emotions. It is not that you are not allowed to think about things during meditation, you simply observe everything that comes through your mind and then let it go.


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